(VIDEO) 425lb Man Tries To Outrun Police After Trying To Kidnapping A 10-Year-Old Boy

Victor Joseph Espinoza, who weighs 425 pounds, was arrested for allegedly trying to abduct a 10-year-old boy on his way to soccer practice.

The young man’s soccer coach was trying to detain the 55-year-old kidnapper, but he had escaped, running and hiding in the backyard of a nearby residence.

As reported by KTLA:

The suspect was taken into custody without incident, but he had minor injuries from his contact with the soccer coach.

According to detectives, the 10 year old victim was going to soccer practice at Delhi Park with his 19 year female cousin when the suspect lured the boy close enough to grab him.

The boy yelled for help and tried to pull away, but the suspect would not let him go.

The victim was able to break free and he and his cousin ran to the park telling the soccer coach what had occurred.

The coach saw the suspect in front of the park.

When the suspect saw the coach, he attempted to flee and was tackled by the coach in the street.

“I was just mad at the time because the kid was crying,” the coach, who asked to remain anonymous, told KTLA.

Why did Espinoza think he could escape the police? He is 425 lbs and easily visible. Espinoza was booked on suspicion of false imprisonment, child annoying, and gang enhancements, for being a documented gang member.

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