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VIDEO: Body Cam Contradicts Official Story in Police Shooting of Samuel DuBose

Prosecutor is calling “senseless” and“asinine” actions during a “chicken-crap stop.” Tensing’s body cam footage from July 19th clearly shows an unprovoked and wholly unjustified murder at the hands of a police officer—all because DuBose was missing his front license plate.

Why do police officers keep killing unarmed black men?

Why do police officers keep on killing black men? In the past week alone, three men have been shot by police in America, adding on to more than 200 reports of people killed by law enforcement in what analysts have repeatedly called an epidemic of violence.

The Outing of Drake: Ghostwriting Is As Old As Hip-Hop

Controversy erupted this week when rapper Meek Mill accused Drake of hiring ghostwriters for his raps, but from The Sugarhill Gang to Dr. Dre, rappers have been using ghostwriters since day one.

In the wake of Charleston shooting, new poll finds that race relations are at a low

From New York, to Missouri, and now to Texas, race relations in America are extremely tense. And a recent poll on race relations conducted by CBS News and the New York Times confirms that we may be in an even worse spot than we thought.  

57 upcoming comic book movies, and when to expect them

The Killing Joke, Batman: Bad Blood and Justice League Vs. Titans join the list of comic book movies heading our way…